DatacenterDynamics Chile

17 ноя

ноя 17 10:00 - 21:00

DCD Chile will bring together senior business, operations and technology professionals from the country’s operators of data centre infrastructure and those determining the provisioning of cloud capacity. Come join us!

Join our industry experts at DCD Chile who will explore the next-generation IT foundation technologies and application-optimised, software-defined infrastructure required to deliver IoT, mobile, and big data and analytics requirements for the digital enterprise.  Learn more.

DC Events

24 окт

окт 24 09:00 - окт 25 18:00

Datacenter Symposium München

08 ноя

ноя 8 01:00 - ноя 9 19:00

Data Centres Ireland 2016

17 ноя

23 ноя

ноя 23 10:00 - ноя 24 18:00

Data center World Frankfurt - Stand 122


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