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IPPE 2018

The 2018 International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE) was a huge success! Thank you to our loyal customers who stopped by to learn more about Munters and gave us the opportunity to learn how we can help create Your Perfect Climate.

The Munters booth featured a brand new IoT (Internet of Things) solution using innovative technology in order to shape the future of how business in the farming industry connect called Echo/Sonar. Echo is a communication module that is easy to install, flexible and wireless, and contributes to increased production efficiency. Sonar is a software monitoring solution that constantly improves capture of information and data analytics from the barn. This data works with the MTech Sonar system at the integrator level, giving complete analytics of the entire operation, from production to delivery of the finished product to the store. Together they bring new techniques for finding the previously unknown circumstances that are today limiting the end results in poultry production. 

We also debuted a brand new fan, the WS55, due to be released in the US this spring. The new WS55 fan uses a full depth premium fiberglass construction and many of the same components from the WM54 Fan Series to create a durable, corrosion resistant product at an economical price point. The fiberglass housing, cone and shutter are now dark in color to help control light intrusion, targeting the needs of the broiler market.

Expo attendees were impressed with Munters new lineup of controls and climate solution offerings, including a new Rotem 15ʺ touch display controller. The new Rotem control provides an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that brings together all the advantages of touch screens to farms. The sophisticated interface is intuitive; enabling a simplified set up, while providing mission critical data in one screen.

Munters was represented by colleagues from around the world, including the US, Mexico, Brazil and Israel. The booth was constantly trafficked with equally diverse expo attendees eager to learn more about all of Munters product offerings; making IPPE 2018 one of the most successful yet! We can't wait to see you at IPPE 2019.


In case you missed it: We went live on Facebook while at IPPE. Check out the videos to get a tour of our booth and a preview of our forthcoming IoT data solution, Echo+Sonar.


Munters launched an IoT (Internet of Things) solution through their products at IPPE using innovative technology in order to shape the future of how business in the farming industry connect.

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