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Industrial dehumidification

Industrial dehumidification

From food to defense, nearly all industries have climate control challenges. Moisture, temperature and air quality are all factors that can impact processes throughout the world. And without proper humidity control, excess environmental moisture can lead to unexpected downtime, defective products, damaged raw materials and financial losses.

Take control of your climate

Address the unique climate challenges you face with a Munters dehumidification system. Our world-leading desiccant rotor technology effectively removes moisture from the air, which allows you to control humidity consistently and precisely in your industrial processes.

Key industries



Prevent damage to valuable and precious documents, artifacts and textiles by controlling the humidity in archive storage. You can even extend the life of valuable assets.



The automotive industry needs to meet precise specifications when it comes to temperature and humidity. Industrial dehumidification can help keep these indoor climates under control.



Chemical manufacturing demands quality and consistency. Munters provides essential climate control solutions, addressing issues caused by high humidity levels.



From farm to fork, Munters climate control solutions are used throughout the food supply chain to optimize product quality, increase production efficiency and save energy.


Dairy processing

Munters customized climate control solutions control the processing and storage environment, securing the perfect climate for efficient and safe dairy processing.



Maintaining controlled humidity environments in and around military and aerospace equipment preserves equipment quality and reduces maintenance costs.


Lithium battery dry rooms

Whether it’s a small R&D lab, a micro-environment, or a large-scale production facility, you can achieve optimum humidity control, and maximize your lithium-ion battery production with Munters dry room dehumidifier solutions.


Pharmaceutical production

Pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturing require precise humidity control all year round to ensure critical formulations are manufactured in the perfect climate. Secure your process and production targets with a Munters dehumidification system.



Munters dehumidification solutions ensure power plants and wind turbines remain corrosion-free, perfectly preserved, and ready for quick, reliable start-up, meeting critical industry needs.

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