Desumidificadores / Small desiccant dehumidifiers



  • Low weight
  • High efficiency down to -20°C
  • Robust
  • Easy to service


Descrição do produto

The M120 desiccant dehumidifier is designed to efficiently dehumidify air . Its very compact construction incorporates sections held together by four bolts.

The sections contain fans that are driven by a common motor, a direct gear driven desiccant rotor, and a reactivation airflow heater. The two end casings contain distribution chambers with isolated sections that provide a precise balance for dehumidification and reactivation airflows. Its rugged casing is constructed from corrosion resistant die cast aluminium.

The electrical control system conforms to EN 60204 (IEC204) standards and the electrical components are assembled in the front compartment. The M120 dehumidifier conforms to both harmonised European Standards and to CE marking specifications.

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