Desumidificadores / Unidades completas de tratamento de ar

HCD-600 Desiccant Dehumidifier

HCD Series

  • Construção para uso interno ou externo
  • Acesso rápido para fácil manutenção
  • Fácil conexão na rede de dutos
  • Reativação modular elétrica ou vapor
  • Várias posições para descarga dos ventiladores
  • Opção de “by-pass” integrado
  • Diversas opções para tratamento do ar através de módulos pré/pós desumidificação
  • Add-on post-/pre-air treatment options


  • Bypass
  • Kit conexão umidistat

Descrição do produto

Munters HCD-600 desiccant dehumidifier is designed to efficiently dehumidify to low moisture levels. It can process airflows from 300 to 1125 CFM.  The unit casing is manufactured of fully welded, strain hardened aluminum to ensure zero air leakage. 
The electrical control system meets UL and NEC standards.  The unit is PLC controlled; all controls are mounted in a NEMA 4 control enclosure.  Its rugged construction makes it suitable for outdoor or indoor mounting which provides the flexibility to install the unit at any location at your facility.  
The standard HCD 600 includes all components and controls to operate as a stand alone dehumidifier.   Many times an HCD dehumidifier is combined with other HVAC components like cooling and heating coils, filters or fans, etc.  Pre-designed modules are available as part of our HCD plus product allowing Munters to provide you with a turnkey solution to your humidity and temperature control needs.

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