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DryCool® DuraCase

DryCool™ DuraCase

  • Rugged shipping container
  • Cool, dry supply air
  • Alta COP
  • Fácil de mover e instalar
  • Baixa Manutenção


Descrição do produto

Munters DryCool™ DuraCase provides operators the ability to control temperature and humidity independently from a fully transportable container. The durable shipping container serves as the housing for the efficient DryCool™ system. The DryCool™ system combines the benefits of desiccant dehumidifiers with the cooling of DX air conditioners to treat make-up air. Designed to cost-effectively treat 100% make-up air, the system controls humidity on an as-needed basis. DuraCase operates cost-efficiently because all of the energy required for the operation of its desiccant dehumidifier is recycled from cooling components. DuraCase lowers energy costs as the Coefficient of Performance (COP) is higher than a typical air conditioning system. DuraCase is designed for transport with all replaceable components accessible through hinged doors and built in supply air duct ports for quick installation of flexible duct work. This rugged unit can easily be relocated without the concern of it becoming damaged. These units are packaged to include a direct expansion cooling coil, a desiccant wheel, integrated condensing package, supply fan, reactivation fan and condensing fans.

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