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MVP 700

Munters Ventilation Panels (MVP)

  • Optimal airflow for minimum cold ventilation
  • Avoid draft and protect livestock against wind and weather
  • Reduction of temperature loss inside barn/stable during cold winter days.
  • Double walled, 10 mm, UV resistant Lexan PC sheet material with 10 years limited warranty on light transmission
  • Optimal transparency
  • Sections of 3m width and varying opening height up to 1,4 m
  • Easy installation (lightweight construction, mounted directly on barn/stable walls, few moving parts)
  • Operation options: manual, powered units with thermostat control or manual switch – which ever matches your requirements


Descrição do produto

The Light curtain is made of a transparent double polycarbonate plate and mounted with plain bearings with a recess which fits into the rails that are mounted vertically on the wall. The Light curtain is available as standard in heights of 70 cm, 105 cm or 140 cm and width of 300 cm. Manual or automatic raising / adjustable supporting. Can be adjusted with the System 1-2-3 natural tilt. The light curtain serves as ventilation in the barn/stable and thereby reduces construction costs where the curtain replaces wall structure The curtain provides high light penetration in UV resistant polycarbonate sheet and is fitted with plain bearings for smooth and quick assembly It can be delivered in height and width according to customer requirement.

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