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High energy efficiency and safety with Munters Oasis™ cooling system

Net-Build® GmbH in Saarwellingen, Germany, was founded in 1999 by Mr. Patrick Bohn. Providing IT services as System Management, Business Solutions and Rack Hosting, the company today has 20 employees.

Energy efficiency of utmost importance

Net-Build can host up to 12.000 servers in 320 racks, placed in 2 identical, (but of safety reasons separated) and mirrorhanded rooms.

To prevent drop outs in case of failure in the mains supply, the Data Centre is equipped with double emergency power systems, ensuring that a break down is only a theoretical issue.

Installation of efficient cooling systems

With an IT load in the Data Centre of up to 2 MW when fully loaded, E-TEC and Munters specified 8 pcs. Oasis™ 200 units for the facility. The units were designed to be installed on the roof, directly above the hot aisles, whereby expensive duct work and loss of static pressure could be avoided.

The erection of the building was completed in only 6 months and Mr. Bohn, Net-Build GmbH, expresses his satisfaction with both the building and the cooling system:

“Our Data Center stands out by being extremely energy efficient, with a calculated PUE below 1,2. At the same time the safety is in top, and since the Munters cooling system is running without or chilled water, the operational reliability is very high”.

The 8 Oasis™ 200 units placed on the roof are grouped to match the interior lay-out with 2 mirrorhanded rooms. Each section has one OASIS unit kept for redundancy.

The design condition in the server aisles is laid out for a temperature at 20°C, allowing a max. temperature at 24°C. In case of very hot summer days, an integrated 36 kW DX chiller will start operating, which is expected to be necessary in only 4% of the time. For the remaining 96% of the year, the indirect air-side economizer based on a polymer-tube heat exchanger will supply the cold air.

This air is led to the buildings cold aisle and distributed into the hot aisle through openings in the floor. The warm air from the servers is exhausted from ducts in the ceiling and returned to the Oasis™ units.

This principle also excludes the risk of pollution from outside air, since the air recirculates and eliminates the need of further filtration.

The Oasis™ units are all connected to the facility’s BMS system allowing for easy surveillance and control.

fatos rápidos

  • Outstanding energy efficiency
  • Total PUE <1.2
  • Modular design for fast installation & commissioning
  • No chilled water system required
  • Easy maintenance

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