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From chaos to order with Munters ComDry

The 4 Maj kollegiet student hostel drying room was in chaos until a highly efficient Munters dehumidifier shortened drying time by 80%.

A monument and hostel

The 4 Maj Kollegiet student hostel located in Aarhus, Denmark was built as a monument to honour the resistance the Danish people showed during the German occupation of WW II. Direct descendants from active participants in the Danish Resistance are given preference to rooms at 4 Maj Kollegiet.

More clothes to dry
Built in 1949-50, the hostel did not fully live up to modern student life, which was very noticeable in the hostel´s drying room, where laundry was pilling up and chaos reigned. The drying facility, a 25 m2 drying room and a tumble dryer, had become much too small, as today´s students own much more clothing now, when compared to 60 years ago.

Drying took at least 48 hours and students often forgot to pick up their laundry, turning the room into chaos. Michael Christensen, porter, and general maintenance manager, sought an alternative solution and contacted Munters.

The Munters solution

The small, highly efficient Munters ComDry M190Y desiccant dehumidifier was chosen. Two small circulating fans and the ComDry now quickly process laundry, with drying time reduced to only 8-10 hours, and the chaos has now come to an end.

To simulate optimal drying conditions normally found outdoors during dry and windy summer days, Munters developed a system with circulating fans and an energy efficient, high-capacity desiccant dehumidifier. The circulating fans enhance water evaporation from the garment to the ambient air and then the dehumidifier removes the water from the air. Energy costs are kept to a minimum and a fast-drying cycle is achieved.

At 4 Maj Kollegiet, a humidistat automatically registers the increasing relative humidity when wet laundry has been hung on washing lines and the two fans are activated. After approximately half an hour the ComDry starts the dehumidifying process that will last only until the clothes have been dried and the fan and dehumidifier automatically switch off.

Michael Christensen confirms that everyone is very happy with the new drying concept and find the Munters solutions recommendable for all drying rooms where time is an issue.

fatos rápidos

  • Drying time is cut by 80%
  • Drying method suitable for all garments and fragile materials
  • Automatically controlled start/stop
  • Easy installation and easy maintenance

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