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Vanhaerents Art Collection: because an image is worth a thousand words

What began in the 1970’s as a collection of a few works of art by the young Walter Vanhaerents, has today grown into an impressive collection of contemporary art. On display to the general public in the heart of Brussels and far beyond, this collection is known and praised, and is among the most prestigious in the world. In 1965, Walter took over the management of his father's successful construction company 'Vanhaerents NV', which was founded in 1925. "Being hard in this business is a must", he tells us. But in addition to the business acumen and rationality that helped him bring his father's company to the top, Walter is also a passionate art lover. Soon, his hobby grew into a real collection of contemporary art, and the need for a larger warehouse arose. Thanks to his connections and networks in the building world, Walter soon found the ideal premises for his collection. In the Dansaert district of Brussels, an old 3,500m² warehouse was renovated and transformed into the "Vanhaerents Art Collection", displaying the private collection that Walter and his children Els and Joost are only too happy to open to the general public. After all, “art is not just something you look at, it needs to be shared”. At least that's Walter's vision, and one that Munters were only too happy make happen as optimally and sustainably as possible!

The challenge: humidity

A beautifully renovated building, a renowned art collection but unfortunately also an environment with lots of dust and high humidity. Not the optimal environment to protect the life of these works of art, especially those on canvas. So a solution had to be found to create a dust-free space, limit humidity, and ensure protection against further damage to the works.

Our solution: drying according to the Denmark model

"Initially Walter contacted us for a de-dusting system for his canvas collection” says Kristof Scheepmans, Munters Sales Engineer responsible for this project.
"After a site visit, it soon became clear that dust was not the biggest problem, but the large fluctuations in humidity. This was causing the canvas fibres to expand and contract, which can lead to cracks".
The challenge was to effectively ventilate the room while limiting fluctuations in humidity levels, and applying the right technique was key. Based on the "Denmark model”, Munters chose to install a sorption dryer. In the Denmark model for storage depots, no or minimal use is made of cooling and heating to save energy, but the humidity is constantly measured and controlled by the Munters sorption dryer. This ensures the room is conditioned in the most accurate and energy efficient way. The solution is durable, with low investment and energy costs. Talk about a win-win! Walter can now exhibit his paintings with peace of mind, without having to store them in wooden boxes any longer.

fatos rápidos

  • Controlled humidity levels
  • Durable solution
  • Minimal use of cooling and heating
  • Low investment
  • Low energy costs

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