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Addressing humidification challenges with Munters solutions

The University of Reading, a pioneer in UK higher education for almost a century, upholds its four guiding strategic principles: a genuine love of learning, creating new knowledge, embracing diversity of people and ideas, and caring for the environment. With more than 23,000 students across award-winning campuses, the University, located in Reading, Henley upon-Thames, Johannesburg, and Iskander, offers a diverse range of academic programs, including science and research. To address humidification problems within its science department, the University turned to HumiTech, a part of Munters Group.

Climate control challenges

Facing issues of increasing unreliability, operational costs, and the inability to maintain desired relative humidity levels, the University of Reading sought a sustainable humidification solution that would align with one of its key guiding principles – caring for the environment.

Supplying approximately 320 kg/hr. of steam, the existing single gas-fired steam boiler unit served two AHUs within the science department and proved to be inefficient and costly. Any failure with the main steam boiler unit disrupted humidity control for both AHU systems.

Rising gas supply charges and maintenance repair costs added to the challenges. While the existing steam absorption system mounted within the AHU’s was particularly inefficient, resulting in excessive condense water wastage.

The Munters solution

HumiTech, having previously installed and maintained the University of Reading’s existing climate control solution, earned the University’s trust due to their knowledgeable and helpful engineers and the high quality and reliability of their equipment.

When faced with current climate control challenges, HumiTech was the natural choice. Their proposed solution featured four Munters FlexLine FLH80 energy-efficient resistive humidifiers (two per AHU) and the RapidSorb steam dispersion system. The objective was not only to address existing humidification issues but also to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and minimize the University of Reading’s carbon footprint. The customer was very pleased with the results.

”We replaced our direct steam humidification system with purpose designed Munters FlexLine FLH80 humidifiers. The reason for this was the unreliability of the existing system. The new system has been much more reliable, and we are now more confident that the humidity in the rooms will be at the desired levels at all times”

Chris Hellier, Head of Programme Maintenance at the University of Reading

fatos rápidos

  • Enhanced humidity control with Munters FlexLine FLH80 humidifiers
  • Improved operational efficiency and reduced costs
  • Environmentally friendly solution

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