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Error-free packaging and a pleasant working environment with humidification

Umpac AB in Umeå are specialists in manufacturing solid carton packaging with top-quality printing. The goal is to design sustainable packaging that promotes customer values in terms of design.

A perfect end result requires a controlled indoor climate. A humidity level of 50% is optimal in Umpac's operations. As a result, the carton does not lose its strength and stiffness, and there is no creation of static electricity, which can interfere with the actual printing and cause issues such as misalignment, etc.

When one of the steam humidifiers used in Umpac's previous system stopped working, there were no longer any spare parts to repair it. It was time for a new system. After having compared various options, Munter's HM3 humidifiers were chosen. They proved to be the most energy-efficient option, while they were at the same time both easy to install and required minimal maintenance.

Ease-of-use and minimal maintenance

"It is extremely important for our production to have a climate that is compliant with the requirements placed on printing presses and above all on different materials. When one of our steam humidifiers broke down, we had already started thinking about reviewing our system and replacing it. After looking at different spray nozzle humidification and water purification systems, I could see that these often require maintenance once or twice a year, which would cost a lot of money. This seemed to us like overshooting the target. We were tipped off about Munter's air humidifier unit around the time of the Sign & Print exhibition in Kista, so I paid them a visit to get a demonstration of Munter's HM3 Humidifiers.

What I fell for most of all was the simplicity. It's an easy-to-use system that requires minimal maintenance. Adding on new units at a later stage is also easy to do. Munter's HM3 humidifier is also available in a number of different models.
Our production facility is about 450 m2 in size and we chose two HM3 10000 units. Installing them was very easy. They're also incredibly quiet, and when all our machines are in operation you can't hear them at all. This is a big difference compared to other systems I was recommended, for instance, high-pressure humidifiers that have significantly higher noise levels."

A pleasant working environment

"After a period of operation, the level of dust was significantly reduced and our now staff enjoy a major improvement to the working environment in the production premises. HM3 also provides a certain amount of cooling, which is obviously an extra benefit".

An energy-friendly and eco-friendly solution

"Because we can use standard 10-amp power sockets, we were able to reduce the fuse rating in our entire facility, and this alone reduces our energy requirements and saves us SEK 9,000 a year. This technology doesn't require boiling any steam, and heating water's expensive, so this also saves us a lot of money," a happy Östensson concludes.

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