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Restore restaurant comfort, save energy with DryCool

People who visited locations with high humidity know that the excessive air moisture and warm temperature can be extremely uncomfortable. Air conditioning is an easy solution to combat high humidity, particularly for homeowners. But not if you’re running a business that involves different temperature zones and peoples’ differing needs. For a business, such as a restaurant, discomfort from temperatures that are too warm, or uncomfortably cold can be disastrous, annoying employees and driving away customers, which results in lost revenue.

Brain Jones, sales engineer with Waiters company, an air engineering firm in St. Louis, work with management of Lion’s Choice to resolve the problem. Jones knew from experience that air conditioning alone was not adequate to alleviate the high moisture conditioning to the point that consistent temperatures could be maintained in the Lion’s Choice restaurants. The situation called for a supplemental system that would adequately dry the air.
“These A/C units processed return air from the building and also brought in fresh outside air. Both were humid and, as condensation began form on the coils, the units would become less and less efficient, “Jones said. “ Sometimes HVAC engineers design systems only by considering outside air temperatures and not humidity levels.
Jones recommended installation of the DryCool (HCU 20000) to control humidity on an as needed basis, running only when humidity levels threaten comfort. Installation of the unit was quick and easy. After the unit was hoisted onto the roof, it was wired and ducts were attached between it and the two air conditions.
The DryCool 2000 provided a “packaged” system that applies two technologies – refrigeration and desiccant dehumidification. Unlike cooling-based dehumidifiers, which cool the air to condense moisture and then drain it away, desiccants attract moisture molecules directly from the air and release them into an exhaust air stream. The Munters unit draws outside air, cools and dries it and feeds it into the air conditions. The dried air then is circulated through the structure by the A/C units.
Independent Humidity & Temperature control
The humidity control system provides the restaurant with the ability to create the desired climate by providing independent control of temperature and humidity. By utilizing the air conditioning and dehumidification systems in tandem, the restaurant’s managers have been able to stabilise comfort for customers and employees at a thermostat set point of 74oF (24oC) with a relative humidity level of 48 percent. That is far above the 68oF setting required before dehumidification was employed.
Cost effective
The DryCool 2000 controls humidity on an as-needed basis, running only when humidity levels threaten comfort. And, the system operates cost effectively because all of the energy required for the operation of it’s desiccant dehumidifier is recycled from its cooling components,“ Brain Jones said.
“We tried other options to control the climate in our restaurants to no avail,” said Jim Tobias, president came in the solved our problem. The installation of the units went smoothly and they provided us with the desired climate immediately.”

This was the issue for a fast-food restaurant chain in St. Louis, a city well-known for high levels of humidity. It was here that Lion’s Choice was founded in 1967, and where they serve thin-sliced hot roast beef sandwiches with “secret seasoning” on a buttered toasted bun. They have 20 locations in Missouri. Illinois, USA.

The chain stores utilized two rooftop air conditioning (A/C) units for climate comfort. But providing uniform indoor temperatures and humidity levels proved difficult in some locations with high humidity climate. The units would automatically turn off when the temperature set-point was reached. At that point, there was no control of humidity until it again became warm enough for the units to restart.

fatos rápidos

  • Cost effective investment
  • Increased customer and employee comfort
  • Independant humidity and temperature control
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy to install, operate and maintaine.

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