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jun 2, 2017 08:00

Munters (MTRS) broadens its offering within climate control solutions for the food production industry by adding new heater lines manufactured by Winterwarm

Munters Group, the global leader in energy efficient air treatment and climate solutions, today announced an agreement with Winterwarm making Munters the distributor of Winterwarm gas heaters to the agricultural market.

Winterwarm designs and manufactures gas and oil heaters for industrial, commercial and agricultural buildings.  The product portfolio includes the DXC heater, an indirect fired heater with a closed combustion system: heating according to this concept means no CO2 and no water vapour in the house. This has two important effects: a decrease of the energy consumption as less ventilation is required, as well as improved animal health due to a dryer environment.

The agreement includes DXC heaters as well as Winterwarm’s direct fired gas heater line. The two product lines share many key components allowing easy installation and maintenance. 

“1 of 7 meals globally originates from installations where Munters provides climate control. There is a strong demand in the agricultural sector for energy efficient and clean climate control solutions. Heating is extremely important for the welfare of animal and plants in many regions of the World. Munters and Winterwarm will work together to achieve these goals”, says Peter Gisel-Ekdahl, President Business Area AgHort.  

For more information:

John Peter Leesi, CEO Munters
Group Phone: +46 8 626 63 60

John Womack, Investor Relations
Phone: +46 706 782499

About Munters

Group Munters is a global leader in energy efficient air treatment and climate solutions. Using innovative technologies, Munters creates the perfect climate for customers in a wide range of industries, the largest being the food, pharmaceutical and data center sectors. Munters has been defining the future of air treatment since 1955. Today, around 3,500 employees carry out manufacturing and sales in more than 30 countries. Munters reports annual net sales in the region of SEK 6 billion and is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. For more information, please visit

About Winterwarm

Winterwarm is a leading manufacturer of industrial, commercial and agriculture heating products, and have specialized for more than 80 years in unit air heaters. Winterwarm products are sold worldwide under many different brand names. In the Netherlands, U.K. and Poland Winterwarm has their own offices. They will continue selling the Winterwarm product in these countries. For more information please visit



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