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Product Line Launch: Automated Control over Industrial Irrigation and Greenhouse Climate Control

Munters is proud to announce the introduction of an entirely new line of computerized controllers: the Green Field Agricultural Controllers. Green Field Controllers are designed to bring automation, efficiency, reduced outlays, along with higher quality products to the agricultural industry. The Green Field line of controllers provide solutions for industry professionals in two main areas: irrigation control and greenhouse climate control.

  • Green Field Controllers: Green Field controllers provide complete control over industrial irrigation and fertigation systems. These controllers provide plants with the exact amount of water and nutrients that they require; no more over watering or fertilizing. Irrigation and fertigation is continually measured and dynamically adjusted as conditions change during the day and throughout the growth cycle. A software program rich in functionality means that you can design multiple irrigation programs, with each program capable of handling particular environmental conditions.  The net result is higher yields while using less resources on your farms.

    Green Field Controllers are modular, enabling you to design the system that meets your exact requirements. The hardware supports a large number of input and output devices. 

    Users looking for a cost-efficient alternative can install the Green Field ECO Controllers, which provide all of the basic irrigation and fertigation controls as well as a high return on your investment.

    • Green EC-PH: The EC-PH Transmitter provides continual, real-time information on irrigation water EC and pH levels. This data is required to increase yields and prevent nutrient deficiencies.
    • Green Expansion: Expansion units enable increasing the number of relays in your system. Green Field can support up to three Expansion units, or 256 relays.


  • Green Climate Controllers: Green Climate Controller provides a comprehensive climate control system for industrial greenhouses, enabling you to maximize both your efficiency and yields.  Capable of providing a large range of climatic conditions, Green Climate is a cost-effective system suitable for any climate-controlled greenhouse. Green Climate’s rich functionality package supports control over ventilation, shading, heating, misting, fans and more.

    • Weather Station: The Weather Station provides data on outside temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, rain strength and quantity, and outside radiation.
    • Green Box T+H: The Green Box measures temperature and/or humidity in a greenhouse.
    • CO2 Sensor: The CO2 Sensor continuously measures CO2 levels in a greenhouse.

Eran Alon, Greenhouse Segment, Global Business Development and Sales Manager - Greenhouse Segment: “Green Field Controllers are the first step in Munters’ entry into the world of automated control in agriculture. For decades, Munters provided the poultry and swine industries with unprecedented levels of professionalism, innovation, and support. Green Field Controllers will now bring all of these traits to the world of farming. Our controllers are designed with the goal of providing farmers with an improved bottom line while at the same time, reducing their work load and allowing them to concentrate their efforts in other areas. We look forward to working with our distributors and customers in this exciting new endeavor”.

Greenhouse Controllers Catalog

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