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Munters wins award for "Employer of the Year"

mai 23, 2017

Munters has been given Netsurvey’s Powered by People award for "Employer of the Year" (Construction and manufacturing company).

Powered by People is an award created by Netsurvey, aimed at honoring and celebrating companies who are successful in terms of working with employee relations, companies that challenge themselves and are good at creating sustainable change in their organization. The award is based on results from employee surveys and employees’ true attitudes, rather than subjective judgements.

Munters won “Employer of the year” / Best scores in employee survey (construction and manufacturing companies). 

Netsurvey wrote: Munters deliver energy efficient solutions for climate control globally. To ensure highest possible quality in the delivery, Munters work is based on strong corporate values which have been shaped through an ambassador program. Linking the Munters brand with social and ethical responsibility is clear when looking at the scores from their engagement survey. During 2016 Munters made significant leaps in their employee engagement scores.

Munters had the best Employee Survey result 2016 looking at Leadership index, Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) and the percentage of highly motivated and engaged employees.

So what does the result mean?

It means that:

  • we feel motivated and engaged at work
  • our leaders show company direction and support our development
  • Munters is such a good workplace that we recommend our friends to join us!

How did we reach this result?

We've reached it thanks to

  • the continous and collaborative efforts from employees and managers to improve our working climate and enhace the customer experience
  • employees' willingness to tell us how we're doing by responding to the Employe survey. Only through that can we get a little better every year. 

A one minute video was made before the gala where we talk about what we believe is most imortant to create sustainable improvement in company culture. You can see it here:

Lotta Ranefall, Vice President Performance & Inclusion and Shadi Kassis, Marketing Specialist where present at the gala and recieved the price on behalf of Munters.

Shadi and Lotta receives the award

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