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mar 08

Viv Asia 2023

mar 8 09:00 - mar 10 18:00

In Asia, VIV Asia is the biggest and most complete feed to food show, focusing on livestock production, animal husbandry, and related industries. We will tackle different fields, from feed production to animal farming, breeding, veterinary, animal health solutions, slaughtering meat, fish, eggs, dairy, and more. A must-attend event for all professionals in animal protein production, including the downstream part of the supply chain.

Many of the products we consume every day can be traced back to the farms. Farmers are the backbone of this industry, growing and harvesting food that is needed by all people at different times.

We are able to offer cutting-edge solutions for growers, dealers and food producers, including the entire food supply chain. 

That's exactly what we'll talk about at our stand, where we'll go over Munters and MTech solutions together for the entire food industry.

Where? Impact Exhibition Center,Bangkok,Thailand

BOOTH N. 1922


To Fork 

Munters has the expertise to help you find the optimal solution that will increase efficiency and save big on energy costs. Our tailored dehumidification systems are the ideal solution to your cold storage problems and for meat, poultry, and seafood processing

Food processing_bakery_AdobeStock_273868395.jpeg

Digital Solutions for the Food Supply Chain





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