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Valores Fundamentais

O que nossa marca promote é "o Seu Clima Perfeito". Então, como cumprimos essa grande aspiração?

The foundation for all we do in Munters is our very strong set of Core Values. The primary one is “Sustainable Value Creation”. We must always consider the things we do and how they make Munters a continually better company. We all work here for a short time – as compared to the time before us and the time after us. While we work for Munters we must focus on making our customers more pleased, our employees more engaged, our owners satisfied and also ensure that our surrounding society becomes a better place. We must leave the company in a better place than it was when we joined Munters.

We are also convinced that people enjoy working in a place where they experience personal growth through solving problems together with other talent. This is why our second Core Value is “Team Spirit”. We take pride in employing great people with a high level of competence. But only individual capability does not take you very far, it is absolutely necessary to work together in teams.

Because we will jeopardize our third Core Value if we do not work in Teams. This value is “Passion for Results”. We are of course not only thinking about our financial result, although we naturally keep a close eye on this. But results are also more qualitative, such as Customer or Employee Satisfaction. It is operational efficiency such as On Time Deliveries. It is developing new products on time and budget. It is providing our employees with learning opportunities to meet their development needs. All employees in Munters have clear goals – that is how we maintain our focus on results.

And our fourth Core Value is the natural extension of our result orientation. Because when we have achieved the level we want to reach, then we want to become better. This is how we always try to stay ahead of competition, of being the preferred partner to all with whom we work. We believe strongly that “There is always a better way”; a way to improve what at first may look like the perfect way. We are convinced that if employees every day look at what they do and think “there is probably a better way to do this”, we will always have an advantage on competition. Because how does our competition catch us if we are always moving further ahead?

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