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Munters expands offering

Munters expands offering

As a global leader in energy-efficient data center cooling solutions, we are expanding our offering with the acquisition of Geoclima.

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Cooling systems for every data center location, size and power density

  • Indirect Evaporative Cooling (IEC)

    Indirect Evaporative Cooling (IEC)

    Secures a stable indoor climate regardless of outside air quality or conditions

    • Requires little/no mechanical cooling
    • Minimizes risk of external pollution
  • Direct Evaporative Cooling (DEC)

    Direct Evaporative Cooling (DEC)

    Cools outside air evaporatively and uses it to moderate the internal climate

    • Ideal for any climate
    • Achieves perfect cooling vs. humidity balance
  • Indirect Dry Cooling

    Indirect Dry Cooling

    Keeps data centers cool and free from external pollution without the need for water

    • Ideal for cooler climates
    • Prevents outdoor humidity from impacting indoor humidity
  • Split System Cooling

    Split System Cooling

    Offers the ability to separate the cooling unit from the heat rejection unit

    • Minimizes risk of external pollution/ humidity challenges
    • More flexibility for optimized unit placement

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