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Welcome HB

Munters are delighted to welcome you into our family. This page is a fast track introduction to Munters, what we do and how we do it.  Also you will find some useful guides, documents and links.

About us

Munters is a global leader and premium partner in energy efficient air treatment solutions. Using innovative technologies, our expert engineers create the perfect climate for customers in a wide range of industries with the largest being the food, pharmaceutical and data center sectors. Munters has been defining the future of air treatment since 1955. Today, manufacturing and sales are carried out in 30 countries by around 2700 employees. 
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Munters is the original innovator in climate control since 1955. Founded by ingenious inventor and entrepreneur Carl Munters, the company was built around his insights to the laws of thermodynamics in combination with an ability to translate that understanding into groundbreaking technology. During his lifetime Carl Munters applied for nearly 1,000 patents, mostly within the areas of dehumidification and evaporative cooling. These two areas are core technologies within Munters. Today the legacy of innovation and engineering lives on within the company. The spirit of passionate innovator Carl Munters guides our daily work.
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About AirT

Our business is built upon what we call a "4 plus 1" Segmentation Model, comprising Industrial, Commercial, Data Centers and OEM Components, with Service forming a fifth segment, underpinning the first three.

Our organisation is arranged in a matrix, with Segment Directors setting the strategy for each of the five Segments, and Sales VP's/Directors responsible for delivering the strategies locally and driving the day-to-day business within the Regions. 

The matrix is supported by teams in Product Management, Marketing, Finance, R&D, Business Development and Human Resources



We have a great new website to find information that is clever enough to know your geographical location and language settings. You can change these settings manually on the top right side of the screen. 

Use the search function for a mixture of results including documents, product pages, case studies etc.  *Our website is designed to show English language content such as case studies if the local language is not currently present.

Product information
Use the main products tab on the start menu to navigate to your desired product. You will then land on a series page and can select products from there.  On each product page is the related documentation.

All of Munters events can be found or at the bottom of the main start page.

Case Studies
We have a fantastic range of case studies from around the globe. You can visit them direct at or by going to the knowledgebank tab and select case studies.

Munters World - Internal Intranet

A great source for information, latest internal news, contact information, documentation, Marketing items, R&D and much more.  In time you will have access to this portal.

HB Munters Group (MNB) Integration: The Story So Far…

It’s 84 days since HB Group joined our family so time for an update.... and also watch a video clip on HB Krako in the Czech Republic.

The acquisition is developing in line with all parties' expectations, so HB Munters Group (MNB) is on track to contribute to Air Treatment's industrial growth plans. 1+1=3 is the watchword, including two large orders from Danone.

There is a detailed plan with 10 defined teams working on various areas of business integration from segment and product management through to purchasing and finance. As you can imagine there is a lot going on at a frantic pace. Sales and commercial integration remain the key driver and we are being careful not to overwhelm the teams at Almelo and HB Krako so that customer related work stays front of house. We are also reviewing the quotation and engineering processes in readiness for dealing with more internal customers from the business units.

The training and knowledge share for the first five Business Units selected for proactive selling (MDK, MFR, MGD, MNL, MUK ) happened this month, hosted at HB Krako by Rostislav Pazderka and his team. It was a very positive meeting with some great opportunities developing (more to follow at a later date). We have already had our first joint sales visit to a key account by Annamarrie Lennings and Marcel van den Berghe in Denmark, which was well received by the customer.

Some of the Team from BU Knowledge Share Meeting 1 with a 4.5m rotor system

Sander Hielkema and Folke Meyer looking at an HB Drive System

Bente Nielsen from HB presenting to the BU teams

There are also ongoing reactive enquiries for large projects in places such as China, Australia and India. We are starting to share leads/intelligence with other Business Units. This process will gather pace and, in due course, a roll-out plan for more territories will be announced – in the meantime we will take any targets of opportunity, so keep in touch.

Service team meetings have also started (this is also based on a roll-out plan starting with selected Business Units) and we are reviewing the HB Munters Group installed base to develop that opportunity.

Eric Bonvaine, Sebastian Leichtnam and Matthew Reynolds at Almelo for the initial service meeting

Rene Denekamp and Laurens de Graaf from HB meet with the European Service Managers in Kista

ICT have also been busy. Many of the HB Munters staff have a Munters World profile/full Munters World access and there is already a Munters guest network at Almelo (one to follow shortly at HB Krako). A video link is also working at Almelo.

Per Brandt Shows Eric Bonvanie and Jan Bednarik the Almelo Video system linking to Munters China

We have some very interesting ongoing R&D work but that is subject to an NDA for now – some of the Almelo team will be visiting the USA in October to follow up on that work.

They say pictures and videos paint a thousand words and this is a people process so I have included a few photos. After the video clip with a short impression of HB Almelo that was published some weeks back, we now have a video impression of the HB Krako production facility in Hrusky, Czech Republic. Have a look here....

Click to view the movie

It is worth remembering that we started this process in the summer holidays so many people were off in both companies. However, HB Munters Group (MNB) already feels like part of the team and strong links are developing with, of course, some great potential sales and ongoing key account development.

Please contact Alan Bessant or Eric Bonvanie if you have any questions or sales opportunities.

Alan Bessant.

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