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AHU repair and refurbishment solutions

AHU repair and refurbishment solutions

If you're looking at air handling unit (AHU) refurbishment or replacement, Munters has the solution for you.

Energy and wellbeing are important factors when it comes to ventilation in offices and other buildings. Ensure your AHU is meeting the needs of you and your client today and into the future.


Benefits of AHU Refurbishment



    Give your old AHU a new lease of life. Extend the life of your AHU, improve energy efficiency and modernise your whole AHU, not just a few components. Minimise disruption associated with installing new air handling systems.



    Added redundancy and increased resilience. No single point of failure, prevent unplanned shutdowns.



    Improve energy efficiency by replacing belt driven fans with the latest EC fan technology.



    Low electrical availability? Utilise heat recovery with energy efficient heat pumps.


The decision on whether it’s best to replace your air handling unit, or to repair or refurbish your existing AHU, has many answers. In this article, David Bennett, Munters Service Manager Upgrades, explores the factors that need to be considered in order to help you make the right choice for your business.

These include:

  • Physical circumstances such as location of the AHU,  size constraints and lead times
  • Financial circumstances and budget considerations

AHU fan upgrade at SS Great Britain

Munters pioneering upgrade of the dry dock AHU and dehumidifier at Brunel’s SS Great Britain ensures long term protection from corrosion while reducing energy consumption by 25-30%.   

Munters AHU fan upgrade

Munters AHU fan upgrade at Heathrow Airport saves 15 GWh a year. Energy consumption reduced by 30-60% with ROI in less than three years. Improved air supply reliability and flexibility with less maintenance. Helping to allow the airport to reach their infrastructure goal of achieving NetZero by 2050. 


Cibse Journal and Q&A Feature

David Bennett, Munters Centre of Excellence Manager for Energy EMEA , talks to CIBSE Journal about how buildings be made more resilient to cope with extreme weather, and what the HVAC industry can do to reduce energy bills in new and existing buildings.

Why us?

At Munters we take a holistic approach to ensure that all elements complement each other to produce the best result for our client.

Instead of just replacing one component, we can consider a range of areas such as cooling, heating, filtration, energy consumption and maintenance. Enabling us to determine the best way to overhaul your AHU without the unnecessary and costly downtime associated with the replacement of an AHU.

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