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Optimize broiler production with Munters' ventilation solutions

Achieving optimal broiler health and profitability requires a well-designed ventilation system. Munters leverages its extensive experience in livestock ventilation and sophisticated software to create tailored solutions that not only enhance bird welfare but also increase profit margins for farmers.

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Benefits of proper broiler house ventilation:

  • Better Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR): A well-ventilated environment promotes efficient feed utilization by birds.
  • Improved Bird Health: Proper air circulation and temperature control minimize stress and disease risks, leading to healthier birds.
  • Enhanced Worker Well-being: Maintaining a comfortable and healthy environment benefits both birds and workers.
  • Profit Optimization: Improved bird health, better FCR, and efficient operations contribute to higher profitability.

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Munters' approach to broiler house ventilation:

  • Comprehensive Design: Munters considers factors like outdoor climate, building design, and specific production needs to create an integrated ventilation system.
  • Follow customer desire: Munters can provide customers with the expected solution by giving the possibility to choose between a standard ventilation solution or high efficient one with ultimate generation fans with EC motors
  • Provide energetic analysis: Munters can provide a calculation of the energy consumption of a specific ventilation system (under standard operating conditions) so that the customer can choose according to their needs.


The importance of optimal ventilation:

Proper ventilation plays a critical role in maintaining several key aspects of broiler health and growth:


  • Minimum ventilation is dedicated to controlling air quality in the house without dissipating too much heat that needs to be compensated by the heating system. A suitable minimum ventilation removes harmful gases like ammonia and dust, preventing respiratory problems in birds and promoting overall health.
  • Transition ventilation is needed to control temperature during the intermediate seasons
  • Tunnel ventilation is needed to create a wind-chill effect on the animals to reduce the perceived temperature

Challenges and solutions:

In broiler application, the setpoint climate conditions for animals change very rapidly due to the fast growth of the animals that, in less than 50 days, grow from 45 grams up to 3,5 kilograms.

The optimal setpoint temperature starts at 32°C during the first days and drops to below 20°C at the final days of the flock. For that reason, the ventilation system must be very reactive to follow animal needs from a climate perspective.

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Why you should rely on Munters?

  • Focus on Ventilation: Munters dedicates its expertise solely to ventilation innovation, ensuring cutting-edge products and design strategies.
  • Product Quality: Munters prioritizes high-quality products manufactured in the US, ensuring reliability and durability.
  • Data-driven Decision Making: Munters' solutions provide valuable data that helps growers optimize their operations.
  • Extensive Experience: With over 70 years of experience, Munters offers unparalleled expertise in ventilation design and implementation.
  • Safety and Air Quality: Munters prioritizes safety, with products adhering to the strictest standards and CELdek® cooling pads securing UL GREENGUARD Gold certification for improved air quality.
  • Global Recognition: Munters' systems are trusted by top producers worldwide, demonstrating their effectiveness.
  • Munters Drive Technology: Munters offers patented EC direct drive motors for energy savings, reduced maintenance costs, and precise climate control.

By partnering with Munters, broiler farmers can achieve a healthy and productive environment for their birds, improve worker well-being, and maximize their profitability. Munters' comprehensive approach and commitment to innovation guarantee optimal ventilation solutions for any broiler production system.

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