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Wynajem Munters Rental

Wynajem Munters Rental

Rozwiązania Munters Rental zapewniają wysokiej jakości niestandardowe rozwiązania do uzdatniania powietrza tymczasowo, tak długo jak ich potrzebujesz.

Munters Rental Solutions

Are you in need of air treatment solutions and equipment to respond to urgent needs, peak production demands and adverse ambient conditions on a short-term basis? Munters Rental Solutions can help you:

  • Solve an emergency from air treatment unit breakdowns
  • Perform planned maintenance or turnarounds  (mothballing, sandblasting in POWER stations)
  • Solve peaking production demands, e.g. in FOOD and PHARMA production
  • Solve constraints due to adverse ambient conditions and/or seasonal changes
  • Run a real-time pilot (proof of concept)
  • Extra short term capacity to support your operations.
  • Urgently handle corrosion, mould or hygiene issues caused by too high humidity 

Munters Rental Solutions offers you rental of our energy efficient dehumidifiers and air treatment solutions, widely known for their high quality, superior performance and stable operation. With a rental solution, you can concentrate on your daily business, while we create and maintain The Perfect Climate for you. 

With Munters Rental Solutions we are going to extend our outstanding value and services to our customers on a short-term basis, or as long as they need it.

Benefits with a rental solution:

  • Original manufacturer knowledge
  • Rental of world class dehumidifers and air treatment equipment
  • Full control of both humidity and temperature
  • All-inclusive peace of mind solution with no responsibility for equipment maintenance
  • Only ONE partner from engineering to implementation - only ONE point of contact


See how we quickly solved the humidity problem and kept production running at the global meat processing company Danish Crown in Denmark:

DOWNLOAD our Rental Solutions brochure

CONTACT your local Munters office for a quote.


Munters rental solutions are ONLY available in EMEA countries. If you are a US rental fleet operator looking for robust and efficient dehumidifiers to purchase for your inventory, please contact Munters and learn more about our DryCool Rental and R-Series products.

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