Mist Eliminators / Mist Eliminators

EasyFlow Flow optimization module

DV Series - Vane-type

  • Extremely low pressure loss
  • Equipped with flushing / cleaning systems for plugging sensitive applications
  • Low maintenance —Modules are easy to clean, also during system operation
  • Broad range of materials — Special materials upon request
  • Flow optimization gives better process performance and stability
  • Increased service life of coarse and fine separators
  • Cuts maintenance time
  • Eliminates loss of product and downstream wear


Opis urządzenia

Munters Easy Flow enables to master critical process conditions where there is either a high solid content in the gas thus a high risk of clogging or where there is a very high variance in the flow conditions leading to local malfunctions in the separation. This innovative technology concept increases the service life of coarse and fine separators in gas cleaning devices and equalizes uneven gas flow to ensure smoother process operations. The design of EasyFlow allows it to be incorporated into existing plants as well as into new buildings.

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