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Energy Efficient Option

The most recent improvement on energy reduction for rotor systems is the Munters PowerPurge™. With this patented technology, energy reductions upto 30% on bigger size systems are possible. And in some cases a smaller dehumidifier with PowerPurge™ can do the same job as a bigger unit without. An effective way to lower your investment cost.

Munters innovative rotor design is constantly ongoing and 6 different rotor types are available to suit our customers individual requirements. Read about our extensive desiccant wheel program by downloading our brochure "Munters Desiccant Wheels" here.

Customer health and safety is essential to Munters which is clearly reflected in the design of the rotors. Our rotors are continuously being tested independently and have most recently been proven by The Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology to have both bactericidal and fungicidal properties.

Kilka faktów

  • Reduced reactivation energy
  • Reduced postcooling energy
  • Documented energy savings of €77,000 annually on a 47,600m3h system
  • Improved drying performance
  • Smaller footprint
  • Patented technology

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