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Neerabup Power station_Location_AUS.png

Neerabup Power Station, Neerabup, Australia

ERM Power is a successful developer, owner and operator of power stations across Australia by leding the development of six power stations representing approximately 5% of Australia’s total power generation capacity. Bilfinger Berger & Baulderstone JV together with Newgen Power and Siemens, entered into an agreement to deliver a new $75 million Gas Fired Power Station located in Neerabup 40km north of Perth. The new Gas Fired Power Station has two(2) Siemens 185MW turbines and delivers 330MW peaking power.

Effective Cooling with Minimum Fuel Consumption

ERM wanted a reputable manufacturer of Quality Industrial Evaporative Pre-Coolers to ensure maximum output and minimal fuel consumption subsequently providing max longevity of Plant and Equipment. A system that provided maximum cooling with the least air resistance and no droplet carry over. Furthermore they wanted a system to cool air to ISO Standards 60°F (15°C) Gas Turbines Output Rating without any Mechanical Cooling needs.

Evaporative Pre-Cooler solution

Munters were engaged to provide an Evaporative Pre-Cooler solution to the main air intake to the Gas Turbine Generators. The unit is fitted to the main air intake louvers of the generator providing a cost effective solution to meet the needs for cooling without the adverse downstream effects such as pressure loss and corrosion. Water is distributed through the Munters cooling media upstream of the gas turbine inlet at a controlled rate. The inlet air passes through the media and the water is evaporated to a cold vapor, chilling the air that passes to the turbine and increasing power output as well as the operating efficiency.

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