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Production Development Engineer

What is your position?
I work as a Production Development Engineer, which means I work with improvements and changes in the factory. The improvements span from smaller things, through the flow of the production to bigger things like rearranging the factory. At the moment I plan for a move of a large part of our factory upstream in order to get more space and to make the flow more efficient.

What's the most innovative Munters product or (initiatives, changes) that you are most "proud" of?
The product I´m most proud of is Oasis. It lowers the energy consumption of data centers, an area which is using lots of energy and it is growing fast. So every solution which helps in lowering the energy consumption of data centers, helps reducing the environmental impact. I did my master thesis on energy consumption of data centers, so it is an area of interest to me.

Maybe you know the game “I pack my bag and take with me…”
Bicycle, a smart phone with headphones and my camera.
I love my bicycle, and use it every day. And a bike is the perfect way to get around, almost wherever you go. A bit hard to fit in your bag though. J
A smart phone gives you the opportunity to listen to music, read a book or play a game.
The camera because I like photography and it make it easier to share your experience with pictures rather than words.

Tell me about a fun experience at Munters
I had the opportunity to go to Amesbury and Selma to learn more about the way they produce and to meet the people who work there. It was interesting and I did learn a lot from visiting those factories and seeing the way they worked and the way they handled material and orders. But the best and most fun part of it was meeting all the nice and helpful people and getting to know a few of them.

What challenges are you facing in your day-to-day job?
The biggest challenge I face is trying to make everybody happy. I work a lot on future layouts of the factory, and have to take in account all parts of that; what the operators want and need, what is needed for the processes to work, what is needed for material handling and so on. The challenge to get every aspect of those things into a layout and find solutions which makes operators, managers and personnel from logistics, environmental, health, safety, quality and so on, happy is not an easy thing. Also trying to find a middle way between two (or more) needs or wants in how things shall be is not done easily, you almost have to be a mediator and negotiate the outcome…

What would a perfect Sunday be like for you?
A prefect Sunday would be a Sunday with the family in our cabin. The weather is nice, so we could take a walk in the forest and spend time in the garden. If it's summer we would take a swim in the lake, and if it's winter we would go skiing or sledding. The day would end with a nice dinner and reading a story for the kids in front of the fireplace.

What would your best career advice be for a new employee who is about to start a career with Munters?
Take the opportunity to learn as much as you can about the site you work at. If possible spend at least one day at each department to get the whole picture, a perfect way to get to know the company, the people and in the long run you will know who to ask when you need it.

What’s the best part of your job or working day?
I like to discuss solutions and trying to find a better way of doing things in the factory together with the people who do the actual work. To solve problems based on the ideas or thoughts of the operators usually end up in something good which everybody can agree upon and which improves either efficiency, quality, health or work environment is something which gives me energy and satisfaction.

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