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Mechanical Design Engineer

Your position?

Mechanical Design Engineer – I have a role as a rotor designer in the factory’s engineering department, where I work with all the mechanical parts of our rotors. Basically I have three main tasks: to design customized rotors and assist the CPQ group with drawings and specifications, technical support in the rotor assembly line, and develop the existing rotor design to ease the assembly process and make a better, more sustainable product, usually in collaboration with R&D and operators in the rotor assembly line.

What's the most innovative Munters product that you are most proud of?

Munters desiccant drying wheel (the rotor) of course! It is the heart of our dehumidifiers, and it is a product that I work with every day.

Maybe you know the game “I pack my bag and take with me…”

My headphones so that I can listen to music and relax. A pen, a small notebook and a ruler so that I can make quick sketches and notes of different solutions and ideas.

Tell me about a fun experience at Munters

My thesis work: I actually did my thesis work here at Munters, where I investigated the outcome of applying the Product Development Process in the development of a production system. A really fun and developing experience, where I learned a lot about Munters and rotors, but also about myself and my own working method.  

What challenges are you facing in your day-to-day job?

One of the biggest challenges in my day-to-day job is to manage all of the various tasks I have, since I work with long-term projects, short-term projects, Customized projects, emergency issues, complaints, first-line support etc. It is important to be flexible, be able to prioritize tasks, have a good work structure and work plan to ensure everything gets covered.

What would a perfect Sunday be like for you?

Having a nice homemade lunch at my parents’ house, together with my family.

What would your best career advice be for a new employee who is about to start a career with Munters?

Since I graduated just before I joined Munters, for less than a year ago, I would like to tell other graduates: Challenge yourself to do the things you think you cannot do. There are tons of opportunities within Munters, show that you want to seize them, and that you willing to learn how to seize them.

What’s the best part of your job or working day?

The best thing about my job is that I get to do what I really wanted to do; I studied to mechanical engineer with a major in product and process development, which is exactly what I’m working with today. 

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