Our Values, People, & Innovation

Munters leads the industry in energy efficient air treatment for comfort, process and environmental protection. Whether you’re a customer or an employee, Munters strives to create Your Perfect Climate every day. We are focused on creating the ideal working environment for 2,300 employees located in 30 countries across the globe through the following ways:

Personal Leadership

Employees are encouraged to demonstrate personal leadership regardless of title or position held within the organization. Through leadership, employees embrace the opportunity for Sustainable Value Creation in what they say and do. By sharpening processes, enhancing communication, and bringing together teams, leaders in our workforce promote a “One Munters” culture driving the company on a track to success. This creates value for both individuals and the business. Whatever your goals are, Munters offers options for growing your career through a well-designed career framework.

Strategy Creation & Execution

Success requires more than a strategy; the right energy is necessary to execute the strategy. This is why we seek positive and dedicated employees who think and act with a sincere Passion for Results and regularly strive to Find a Better Way to deliver those results. Employees must promote an environment where they are innovating and improving continuously to deliver what is promised. Our teams operate in this way to keep our company as a leader in the industry by striving to be the best in all that we do.

Collaborating & Influencing

Positive results are generated by our employees working together to reach a common goal and delivering excellence to our customers. We know it takes more than one person to achieve great things in business — it takes a team of people. That’s why we strive to find those individuals who display a genuine Team Spirit to drive business performance. These people live by example, share knowledge daily, and contribution to a positive, fun, and collaborative environment.

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