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Plug Fan Upgrade

New energy efficient Plug Fans from Munters!

Munters has recently added energy efficient plug fans to their portfolio of products.  Installed by Munters experienced, in-house service engineers, these new plug fans are designed to improve energy efficiency and reliability.

 Plug Fan


Designed to replace older belt driven fan technology, direct drive plug fan technology removes the need for belts or pulleys, resulting in fewer losses and less maintenance. 


Plug Fans offer a range of benefits including;

  • Reduced fan/motor energy consumption by 30%

  • Reduced fan/motor running costs by 50%

  • Reduce CO2 Output

  • Short return on investment - typically less than 2 years

  • Extended equipment life expectancy

  • Reduced maintenance requirements (no belts/pulleys)

  • Free survey/validation undertaken by Munters to confirm viability of project

  • Flexible controllability

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For more information, get in touch today.

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