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For your convenience Munters has designed and packed a variety of Spare Parts Kits to meet with your needs of regular maintenance and to prevent costly downtime in case of breakdown. 



Critical Spares

The Consumable Spares Kits are designed to contain the correct number of replacement parts for a specific period.  By having a kit of original Munters’ parts on hand, tailored to your specific machine type, you save money on excessive freight costs and avoid the complexity of identifying and ordering a selection of individual items.

Kit I

For one year of operation This kit contains material for 3 filter changes.

Kit II 

For two years of operation This kit consists of material for 6 filter changes and springs for tensioners and also rotation magnets.

Kit III 

For three years of operation This kit contains filter material for 9 filter changes, belts and belt tensioners, required magnets and safety thermostats.

In case your Munters equipment uses fan belts, these are included in all three types of kits as well.

To facilitate an effective programme of preventive maintenance and thereby avoid costly breakdowns, Munters provides two versions of the Spares Kits:

3 year Maintenance Spares Kit

This kit contains the parts we recommend to replace during the third year of operation.

6 year Maintenance Spares Kit: In addition to the parts in the 3 years maintenance kit, this kit also contains parts that by experience have a lifetime of approximately 6 years.

Consumable parts that have to be replaced more frequently, like filters and drive belts, are not included in the kits.

The perfect match

Optimize the replacement of the spare parts in the kits by ordering a complete overhaul performed by a member of Munters’ global team of highly qualified Service Technicians.

A kit on site with the most critical original Munters spare parts for your desiccant air treatment equipment minimizes downtime.Drawing upon the vast experience of its global service organisation, Munters has created a selection of kits comprising the most critical parts for its range of dehumidifiers, tailored to the needs of different applications.

Having a Critical Spares Kit with original Munters parts at hand will minimize the downtime of the unit, thereby securing the specified facility climate and reducing eventual loss of expensive production time.

Standard Kit

Our standard kit consists of the most critical parts - not assembled, but all delivered separately, ready to replace.

Advanced Kit

The parts in the Advanced Kit are already assembled, e.g. into a complete fan and this kit contains a broader selection of critical parts.The Advanced Kit is designed for installations where downtime is a critical factor, as the pre-assembled parts are fast and easy to replace. The Advanced Kit also contains comsumables like filters and drive belts for one replacement.

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