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제습기 / Rental units


MLT Rental

  • Requires minimal floor area
  • High airflow capacity
  • Minimal energy consumption
  • Unique plastic rotor casing 100 % corrosion resistance
  • Dehumidifies efficient down to -20ºC
  • Interchangeable front and back panels - easier to install


  • 알람 및 디스플레이식 가습 제어 시스템
  • 공냉식 응축기
  • 필터 막힘 알람
  • 작동 시간 카운터 (시스템 작동 시간 모니터링)
  • 로터 작동 멈춤 알람 (RH98 데이터 시트 참조)
  • 스테인레스 스틸 케이싱
  • Modern Climatix control system

제품 설명

The MLT1400 desiccant dehumidifier is designed to effectively dehumidify high airflow applications using minimal energy. It is equipped with an internally sealed rotor unit. The rotor casing is constructed of durable thermoset plastic and contains isolated sections that provide a precise balance for dehumidification, reactivation, and heat recovery airflows. Its rugged formed metal frame and access panels are produced from corrosion resistant ALUZINK®.

The electrical control system conforms to EN 60204 (IEC204) standards. The electrical components are mounted on busbars and are constructed of halogen free plastic. The electrical system is designed for up to 690V and 60º C. MLT Series dehumidifiers conform to both harmonised European Standards and to CE marking specifications.

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220V 3-60Hz
230V 1-50/60Hz
230V 1-50Hz
230V 3-50 Hz Steam/Gas
230V 1-60Hz
230V 3-50Hz
230V 3-60Hz
240V 1-50/60Hz
240V 1-50Hz
240V 1-60Hz
240V 3-50Hz
380V 50/60 Hz Steam/Gas
380V 50/60 Hz Electrical
380V 3-50Hz
380V 3-50Hz Steam/Gas
380V 3-60Hz
400V 3-50Hz Electrical
400V 3-50Hz Steam/Gas
415V 3-50Hz Electrical
440V 3-60Hz Electrical
415V 3-50Hz Steam/Gas
440V 3-50Hz Steam/Gas
440V 3-60Hz Steam/Gas
460V 3-60Hz
460V 3-60Hz Steam/Gas
480V 3-60Hz
480V 3-60Hz Steam/Gas
500V 3-50Hz
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우리는 전문가 입니다

우리는 우리의 제품을 알고있다. 우리는
귀하의 국가에서 사람을하여
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