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Farm Pro controller

Farm 시리즈 컨트롤

  • Versatile family of controllers
  • Relays and variable speed outputs (Farm Hand)
  • Temperature and RH readings and control (Farm Hand)
  • Ideal for step control of ventilation (Farm Hand)
  • Economical solution for sophisticated climate control of many small rooms in close proximity (Farm Master/Farm Center)
  • Extensive user interface on FarmCenter
  • Full function controller (Farm Master/Farm Center)
  • Extensive control of many functions within one structure (FarmPro)


  • 정압카드
  • 통신카드

제품 설명

Munters’ Farm Pro Climate Controllers are modular systems designed for operations requiring a large number of relays, providing a plug-and-play solution for growers wanting to invest minimum time in programming the controller. Alternatively, growers wanting to configure the controller to fit exactly their particular installation can set every detail.
With a user-friendly interface and a remote control which allows the grower to take charge via PC, web, SMS or telephone, Munters’ Climate Controllers coordinate all functions to maximize bottom line results through an innovative sensor that monitors the power consumption of system devices, providing real-time indications of status or malfunctions.

우리는 전문가 입니다

우리는 우리의 제품을 알고있다. 우리는
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