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EDS Circolatore d’aria

  • Scocca del circolatore d’aria e venturi in robusta lamiera di acciaio zincato
  • Ogni motore è testato singolarmente per la massima qualità
  • Ventola bilanciata staticamente e dinamicamente
  • Le speciali bussole filettate sui pannelli laterali del circolatore d’aria permettono di fissarlo facilmente
  • Ogni circolatore d’aria è testato singolarmente per garantire un elevato standard qualitativo
  • Fan housing and Venturi made of corrosion resistant material Munters Protect
  • Special threaded bushes on fan’s side panels permit the fan to be easily hung


Descrizione prodotto

The EDSHE fan series belongs to the new generation of high energy efficient, very robust and reliable
air recirculators, suitable for an extensive variety of professional applications in order to create optimal
climate control system. The EDSHE air recirculators series consists of a 24/30/36’’ box fan with a direct
drive system, with the 3-blade propeller statically and dynamically balanced attached onto the electric
motors shaft. This combination renders the EDSHE as the ideal air recirculator that can deliver high air
movement with low power consumption.
The EDSHE has been designed, tested and developed in the Munters R&D laboratory, while the
performances were confirmed by tests performed in BESS Lab at the Agricultural Engineering Department
of University of Illinois, USA).

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1.5 HP
Propeller diameter 915 mm
Motore 0.75 hp
Airflow 0Pa 19,100 m3/h
Specific performance at 0Pa 30.3 m3/wh
1.0 HP
Propeller diameter
Airflow 0Pa
Specific performance at 0Pa

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