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Controllo combinato Temperatura & Umidità / Unità di trattamento dell’aria completa


NA Series

  • Efficient temperature control
  • Humidity control hygenic and energy recovery options
  • Hot water, steam, cold water and freon coils
  • High indoor comfort
  • Low life cycle costs
  • Self-supported smooth panels
  • Fire resistant classification
  • Stainless steel options


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Descrizione prodotto

This is a first class air handling system consisting of self-supporting sandwich panels with smooth interiors and external surfaces.
The standard panels are constructed in pre-coated external sheets, thickness 6/10 mm, RAL 9002. Incorporating polyurethane foam, density 40 kg/m3, with 90% closed cells, the system has a compressed strength of 180 kN/m2, shear strength of 170 kN/m2.
The precoated interior sheet thickness is 6/10 mm, RAL 9002.

• Stainless steel panel option of 304 or stainless 304 precoated  - other options on request
• Panel thickness 80mm, fire classification standard NFP 92-501 M1
• Panel assembly via the integrated hooks, locked with a metal fixing.
• To operate, a simple key with hexagonal head is used.
• Panels and post construction is smooth and prevents cold bridges
• NA boxes are frame supported, the height depends on box size
• Access is via hinged doors, or removable panels with pressure
• NA systems are equipped with anti cold bridge frames.
• Air treatment flows are between 1,000 and 300,000 m3/h

Air tightness:class L2, optional L1.
Thermal transmittance: T1
Thermal bridging factor: TB1.
Mechanical strength D1.

Compliance Documentation: Directive 2009/125/EC

The Operating Manual provides guidance on the identification of the parts of the unit and any specific assembly instructions.
Further instructions specific to configured solutions will be supplied in the technical folder with the unit.

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