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BA4000 Curtain Machine

BA Series Curtain and Baffle Machines

  • Curtain Machines
  • Available in 2, 3, 4 and 6 foot nominal travel lengths
  • Unique design permits easy service and maintenance
  • Galvanized steel construction with removable hinged cover provides outstanding protection & can be mounted outside on most buildings
  • Travel limit switches are simple and easy to adjust
  • BA4000 Series features all sealed electrical components including switches and circuit boards
  • Baffle Machines
  • Capacity provides up to 700 lbs. of inlet baffl e (11” of travel open & close)


Descrizione prodotto

Use heavy-duty, long travel actuators to operate curtains or air inlet baffles. The 4,000 lb. capacity reduces the number of machines needed for longer buildings. Unique ball bearing screw design delivers 90% of motor's power to cable, providing lower power use and increased reliability. Quality drive motor features internal electric brake for precise positioning of curtains. Built-in header features greaseable needle-bearing pulleys to allow lift cables to exit in any desired direction. Curtain machines can be customized, at the factory, to fit individual needs.

Curtain Machines customized options:
• Internal Double-back: internally doubles travel length
• Fan Limit Switch: adjustable fan override
during curtain machine operation
• Potentiometer Feedback: transmits precise curtain position for use with Environmental controls
• Chain & Sprocket: header pulleys are replaced with sprockets and chain to eliminate cable breakage, 1500 lbs maximum capacity

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