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Dry air improves working and safety conditions at Hjem-Is.

Companies with refrigeration and cold storage facilities carry on a daily struggle with both practical and safety related problems.

In the front rooms and control gates of refrigeration and cold storage rooms, the climate is a mixture of fresh air and the cold air that emanates from the doorways of the refrigeration and cold storage areas.

Fog formation occurs when damp, fresh air mixes with cold air from the cold storage facility and condenses. This fog formation causes problems for the forklift traffic. This problem increases in the summer when outdoor humidity is high. At the same time, frost formation on plastic strips hanging at the gates poses a danger to forklift traffic. Visibility is poor and forklift accidents can occur.

In the ante-rooms of refrigerated warehouses, condensation often causes slippery and wet floors, causing another potential safety risk for pedestrians and forklift drivers alike.
Munters dehumidifiers give instant results.
Munters manufacturers of desiccant dehumidifiers to both the processing and storage industries, delivered a MLT1400 dehumidifier for installation in the ante-room of three cold storage rooms at Hjem-Is A/S in Denmark.

The problems of fog, frost and condensation were daily occurrences for Hjem-Is A/S, and major resources were diverted to try and limit the problems, including mechanical removal of ice on the floor, caused by condensation. This ice produced an uneven driving surface, which resulted in back pains for the forklift operators.

The Munters dehumidifier was installed in the ante-room and blew dry air over the gates through ducts. The results were immediate.

The dry air means that there is no longer any condensation. Ice on the floor is a thing of the past, which is a blessing to the forklift operators and others. The frost on the plastic strips hanging from the gates has cleared up, improving visibility and increasing work safety.

The extra bonus: Reduced need for defrosting

In addition to the increase in worker safety, Hjem-Is A/S also enjoyed an extra bonus after the dehumidifier was installed. Whereas defrosting the cold storage rooms had previously been a weekly event (and often bi-weekly in the summer), it is now only necessary to defrost every second week.

The air that enters the cold storage rooms is now dehumidified and only contains small amounts of water so that ice and frost formation on evaporators, ice traps at the gates etc., has now been greatly reduced.

Energy efficiency in the freezing rooms at Hjem-Is A/S has improved and at the same time, the resources required for defrosting have been halved. The freezing rooms no longer look like dripstone caves and the dry air is more pleasant for employees to work in because cold dry air is easier to breathe than cold damp air.

Hjem-Is A/S is the largest ice-cream factory in Denmark, employing more than 250 staff, 140 of whom work in production.

Hjem-Is A/S is a subsidiary company of Hjem-Is Europa, which is owned by the Nestlé group.

Punti chiave

  • No fog formation
  • No wet and slippery floors
  • Improved working and safety conditions
  • Reduced requirement for de-frosting
  • Improved ergonomics

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