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Improved ice quality and climate with Munters dehumidification

Ijsbaan Leuven in Belgium is an Ice rink hosting a broad variety of activities, from ice hockey, figure skating to disco skating. The arena houses 650 spectators and is in operation around the year – only closed for maintenance less than 20 days every summer.

The MX²55 installed in Ijsbaan Leuven has a nominal airflow of 5,500 m3/h and is equipped with an external heating coil. Excess heat from the cooling equipment in the arena, is used for preheating of the desiccant wheels (rotor) regeneration cycle.
During summer the temperature of the excess heat will be as high as 95°C, thus eliminating the need of adding heat from other sources to regenerate to rotor. In such periods the operation of the dehumidifier itself is limited to a power consumption as low as 4kW, saving 36kW/hour when operating. During summer time an hourly repair of the ice was necessary because of ice build-ups that compromised the safety for skaters. Approx. 1,000 l of water was used for each repair, which will be now be unnecessary.

With great satisfaction Mr. Luk Bursens concludes that:

“The ice quality has improved a lot and the frequent interruptions for repairing of the ice during summer is no longer necessary. Less maintenance of the building is required as both condensation and mould growth is no longer occuring, securing also a much more healthy climate for athletes and spectators. Our cooling system is running less and the excess heat that we used to dump as waste heat in summer periods is now fully used for the regeneration cycle.” Also the teenagers attending the famous Disco Skating favours from the installation of Munters dehumidification. The advanced light system including 360° turning lights could not operate in the cold and humid conditions. They are now again up and running in the improved and troublefree climate, adding a true disco feeling to the skating event.

Punti chiave

  • Condensation is avoided
  • No mould or corrosion
  • Less need of maintenance of building structures
  • Comfortable climate for athletes and spectators
  • Improved safety for skaters
  • Reduced number of ice repair actions
  • Reduced water consumption
  • Low running costs due to utilization of excess heat
  • More economical use of cooling system

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