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Dehumidification in pumping stations and water management

Dehumidification in pumping stations and water management is very important to control environmental conditions and prevent problems with condensation and oxidation.

Moisture problems

Moisture is invisible but manifests when it condenses on the walls, pipes and other surfaces.

When moist air comes in contact with a cold surface, the water evaporated in the air becomes liquid. To avoid condensation, we reduce the relative humidity level with low dewpoint.

In the water treatment plants, it is very common that cold surfaces present condensation problems.

Munters desiccant dehumidifiers help create an environment free of condensation and work effectively at any temperature. If there is condensation on metal surfaces, problems will arise from oxidation and corrosion. If the relative humidity is above 60%, ​​oxidation problems increase rapidly.

The growth of bacteria is another problem that can arise when the RH is above 70%.

High humidity can also cause problems in electronic equipment, for example in the control and monitoring devices.

Dehumidification in cold areas

The traditional way of removing moisture is using a simple cooling system. However, a cooling unit does not work in cold areas. The capacity of the dehumidifier is decreased at low temperature. Below 15°C, a dehumidifier for cooling is ineffective. The technique used by the desiccant rotor is the reason why Munters does not have this limitation and, therefore, is the best alternative for the treatment plant and pumping stations.

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