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Dry clothes for sporty employees at Siemens A/S

Siemens A/S has a strong focus on both indoor climate and energy consumption and, wherever possible, Siemens' own technology is used. As an example, all rooms are equipped with CO2 sensors to ensure personalized and optimal indoor climates. All new installations carried out in the building must be energy-neutral, which is why Munters 'drying room concept proved to be the right solution when Siemens was looking for the best method for drying of the employees' clothing.

Upgrading facilities

In the former headquarters each employee had a metal cabinet for storage and drying of their cycling/ running clothes and towels. The room was heated, but frequently the clothes did not dry during the workday, and situations with many creative but mostly inefficient attempts on improved drying arose.

Simple operation

When moving to the new premises, it was clear that a better solution had to be made and the answer was to be found in Munters' drying room concept. A 16 m² large room adjacent to the fitness rooms was furnished as a drying room. A Munters desiccant dehumidifier type MH270 with humidistat, together with three circulation fans formed the necessary equipment.

The first employees in the morning hanging clothes, shoes and towels to dry the room activates a switch that starts the three circulation fans. These ensure that water in the clothes is released into the air but also that the dry air from the dehumidifier is effectively distributed throughout the room. When the humidity rises above 45% RH, the dehumidifier automatically starts to remove moisture from the air.

A warm regeneration air stream passes through a separated part of the desiccant rotor, removing the absorbed water from the rotor, where after it is discharged as a hot and wet air stream. In many cases this airstream is led to the outside, but at Siemens and many other places, this warm air is led into the existing ventilation duct to a Genvex system, resulting in an additional energy saving of approximately 25%.

Project Manager Michael Götz has been responsible at Siemens A/S for the purchasing of equipment for the drying room and warmly welcomes the solution. "The low energy consumption means that the concept lives up to Siemens' requirements in relation to the minimal environmental impact.
With the drying room, we can offer our active employees the best drying facilities and we have avoided energy intensive drying cabinets, which are difficult to fill and empty and have very limited capacity. "

Punti chiave

  • Fast, efficient and gentle drying
  • Simple operation
  • Energy efficient solution - savings up to
  • 75 % besparing jämfört med traditionella torkskåp
  • Easy installation
  • Building constructions protected against
  • Humidity related damages

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