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Drying room for golf bags at Rinkven International Golf Club

Rinkven International Golf Club is located in Schilde, among the forests of Antwerp. Its two full 18 holes courses and 1,500 members, make it one of the largest clubs in Belgium. The club was founded in 1981 as an international golf club where everyone is welcome. This is still one of the core values that Rinkven stands for. Once the centrally located new club house and caddy facilities next to the driving range were recently completed, they ran into a problem familiar to many golf clubs.

“The caddy house has space for 750 golf bags, 250 trolleys with golf bags and 25 buggies. Golf is now an all-year-round sport. People play in the wind and rain. When the golf bags came back in after a rainy round, there was a risk of mould growing. Puddles also collected on the floor and the equipment remained damp for a long time.

The members who pay fees to store their equipment, naturally complained to the caddy masters about this. So Rinkven went looking for a solution. A simple solution was to provide natural ventilation (open the windows now and again) combined with heating the storage areas. After doing some simple calculations, it quickly became apparent that this would be a costly affair. So we were very happy when Munters came up with their proposal,“ explains caddy master, Danny Matthyssens.

“They proposed replicating a natural environment that would mimic the drying process on a nice, windy, dry day. The absorption dryers dry the air and blow the moisture outside, and the fans provide for brisk circulation of the dry air. In this way, mould does not stand a chance and the golfing equipment dries off in the storage area.

In this way, golfers are able to turn up every day and play with dry equipment.
Two birds with one stone. Three months after the installation, we are now about to send out a questionnaire to members to gauge how satisfied they are.

We already have a good feeling about this, and we have not had any more complaints.”

Punti chiave

  • No mould build-up
  • Dry golfing equipment
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Controlled moisture levels
  • Satisfied club members

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