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Munters Advanced Control System Enhances Pharmaceutical Operations

Qualicaps, a renowned global manufacturer of capsules for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries, prioritizes sustainable investments to maintain their competitive edge. Therefore, converting their current Munters units to the latest Munters Control System was a logical progression for them.

Updated equipment minimizes downtime

With a rich history dating back to its origins within Eli Lilly & Co. (USA) in 1897, Qualicaps has grown into a leading provider of two-piece capsules and related equipment, serving major pharmaceutical markets worldwide. Operating production facilities across several countries, including the USA, Canada, Japan, Spain, Romania, and Brazil, Qualicaps is committed to maintaining stringent quality standards throughout its manufacturing processes.

One of the critical aspects of capsule production is the maintenance of optimal production conditions, particularly during the drying process. Qualicaps recognized the importance of
efficient dehumidification systems to ensure product quality and minimize potential downtime due to equipment malfunction.

Partnering with Munters through EuroCons Group, an exclusive representative of Munters, Qualicaps opted to upgrade the controller of their existing MX7600 dehumidification units in their Bucharest, Romania facility.

Conversion aligns with sustainability goals

EuroCons Group, equipped with extensive expertise in Munters solutions, managed the seamless conversion of Qualicaps’ existing MX7600 units control systems to the latest version. The conversion involved installing a new front panel, electrical panel, thermostats and sensors, HMI and indication lights, SSRs, and updating wiring diagrams and operating manuals to ensure compatibility and functionality with the new system. EuroCons Group completed the conversion of the eight units in just two weeks, minimizing disruption to Qualicaps’ production activities.

The successful conversion to the latest Munters Control System has delivered tangible benefits to Qualicaps’ operations, especially in unit functionality. The enhanced reliability and efficiency of the dehumidification units not only contribute to improved productivity but also align with Qualicaps’ sustainability goals. Looking ahead, Qualicaps plans to incorporate Munters equipment into upcoming projects, further cementing their partnership with EuroCons Group and Munters.

Strategic partnership for customer satisfaction
By investing in the latest dehumidification technology with Munters Control Systems, Qualicaps demonstrates its ongoing commitment to quality, efficiency, and sustainability in capsule manufacturing. The successful collaboration between Qualicaps, EuroCons Group, and Munters highlights the importance of strategic partnerships and innovative solutions in achieving operational excellence in the pharma–
ceutical industry.

Punti chiave

  • Avoid unexpected downtime
  • Utilizes advanced sensors and connectivity
  • Offers scalability and flexibility
  • Focuses on energy efficiency optimization
  • Allows remote monitoring and control
  • Facilitates communication with BMS system

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