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Munters prevents condensation inLjusnans mätbrunnar

Lossen the reservoir with 500 million m3 of water has an extensive drainage system downstream of the dam.

In a series mätbrunnar, 17 st, there are facilities for computer-leakage measurement. A humid climate in mätbrunnarna has caused to the equipment not reliable, causing problems for supervisory staff.

A Munters ML690 with thyristor control of heating and humidity sensor (placed in dry air channel) installed. The dehumidifier is arranged in a housing in the center of the drainage system. A conduit with a total length of approximately 600 m into the ground nedlades to distribute dry air from the dehumidifier 17 to the mätbrunnarna. In this way, they have now lost their past problems and got a reliable measurement technique with reduced maintenance.

Punti chiave

  • Effective even at low temperatures
  • Protects electronics and equipment
  • Energy efficient
  • Reduced maintenance

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