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Timber drying at Galparquet

Munters assures timber quality thanks to our dehumidification solutions.

The moisture content in the timber is important because
* Relative Humidity (RH) affects the final product QUALITY causing deformities and stains
* HYGIENE problems due to fungus growth
* Drying timber decreases the storage and transport COSTS because of the weight and volume reduces

Timber drying process
The timber drying process is carried out in two steps:
* Drying with ambient air: we can reduce the moisture content in terms of product weight between 65% - 30%
* Drying in chambers: with Munters dehumidification systems we can reduce the moisture content to between 8% - 12%, depending on the timber and its use.

Our experience
Munters dehumidification systems are very important to Spanish company - Galparquet, to assure their timber quality.
With the installation of two MXT9000 units, Munters have created the perfect ambient conditions and reduced the humidity to around 40%.

Punti chiave

  • Constant and higher quality, avoiding deformities and stains
  • No fungus growth
  • No over drying, splitting and warping
  • Cost savings for storage and transport
  • Higher productivity

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