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Platinum Pro 30

gen 16, 2018

Introducing the Platinum Pro 30 relay model. The Platinum Pro is Munters' most advanced climate controller, capable of managing large scale industrial farms.

Munters Platinum Pro, the next generation in Climate Control, provides poultry and livestock farmers with vastly expanded capabilities. Besides providing complete control over all aspects of house management (including climate control, feed and water management, and more).

For customers who require fewer relays than the standard 50 relay model, the Platinum Pro now can be ordered in a smaller box, having a maximum of 30 relays. This cost-effective model provides the same functionality as the 50 relay unit.

  • Uses Platinum Pro state-of-the-art hardware technology
  • Expansion boxes support input/output devices reducing the need for central controllers
  • Improved software capabilities support an unlimited number of devices, including scales, meters, digital thermostats & more

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