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Product Launch: RLED 2.0

ago 1, 2017

RLED 2: Light Control Made Simple

The RLED 2.0 features a simple calibration process that enables the light dimmer to support practically any light bulb on the market. After a simple calibration procedure, the RLED 2.0 automatically adjusts the voltage to meet your exact needs. Improved stability reduces flickering during the dimming process, enabling you to reach low light levels with an extraordinary level of efficiency. The end result is a simple to use, highly reliable, and versatile product.

Key benefits include:

  • Lights can be dimmed to extremely low levels of light intensity
  • High level of stability extends bulb life
  • Comprehensive brightness control provides light only when required
  • Simple to install and configure
  • Rugged construction meets rigorous conditions found in poultry houses

If you have question regarding the RLED 2.0 Kindly get in touch with our experts using the contact box on the right.

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