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Munters exhibit at edie Live!

mag 26, 2016

In May, Munters UK exhibited at the NEC in Birmingham for edie Live, a rebrand of the previous Sustainability Live. Here they made the official public launch of the Plug Fan upgrade.

edie Live is the UK’s leading energy, sustainability and resource efficiency event for business and provides an insight into a number of various opportunities that can help improve businesses in a number of different ways. 

Munters UK had delegates from the Service team present for the two-day exhibition, who were on hand to give visitors an insight into how the Plug Fan upgrade works and also allowed them to see how much money they could save with a free, estimated energy survey.

Munters Stand 

Munters’ stand attracted a fair amount of attention over the two days, with plenty of visuals to see including a 60” TV featuring a video of the Plug Fan upgrade Munters made to Nissan Motors existing HVAC systems. In case you missed it at the show, you can view it here...


The stand also featured a live demo of a Plug Fan and a ball juggler, which compared two different fans in their energy usage and wasted heat temperature. This had a great impact on visitors, who were able to visible see the impact upgrading had.

There were also LED hand-held fan that were given away to visitors and proved very popular with the crowds. Many people had spread the word about Munters and the fans which had people coming to find us on the second day!


There was a great atmosphere at the event and feedback was positive, with professionals such as energy managers, sustainability professionals and resource efficiency experts, all in attendance and looking to make positive changes to their businesses.


The exhibition allowed us to connect with some of our existing customers and offer them alternative ways to reduce their energy consumption, but it also gave us the opportunity to introduce ourselves to many new businesses and show them not just the Service we offer, but also other Munters’ products that fitted within their industries.


 If you'd like more information on our plug fan upgrade please click here

Alternative please email us at



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