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Munters to offer remote assistance

apr 3, 2020

Munters Remote Assist - providing support remotely to customers in 22 countries

Munters is a global leader in energy-efficient and sustainable air treatment solutions for demanding industrial applications and agriculture sectors. Keeping customers’ equipment operating effectively is key to the company achieving high customer satisfaction scores, and the driver behind Munters embracing a new business model based around servitization where equipment uptime is guaranteed.

As Roel Rentmeesters, Director of Global Customer Service at Munters put it: “This is a significant shift for our future success.”

Munters’ current business model relies heavily on completing on-site visits, often one to two visits even before initial installation of equipment. “Reducing our reliance on site visits will not only allow us to improve efficiency but being able to perform a remote resolution or diagnosis is a critical step in our journey to servitization,” says Rentmeesters.

As such, evaluation of remote assistance tools has been underway at Munters to find a reliable tool that would enable the company’s technicians to collaborate remotely with third-line support and, ultimately, allow Munters to interface remotely with its customers to reduce the need for as many on-site visits.

As the Coronavirus pandemic began, it created a level of urgency in getting remote assistance in place to continue to serve Munters’ customers. Munters partnered with IFS and in just two weeks, Munters Remote Assist is being rolled out to more than 200 staff across 22 countries.

This provides the ability for any of Munters’ employees to support customers from anywhere.

Two users can collaborate and interact in real-time while telestrating, freezing images, using hand gestures, and even adding real objects into the merged reality environment – whether that’s technician to third-line support, technician to customer, or expert to manufacturing facility. This provides opportunities for remote customer support and resolution, remote diagnosis to increase first-time fix, better utilization of valuable resources, as well as more rapid employee training and knowledge transfer.

“This will undoubtedly be a tool that will help us reimagine how we engage and interact with our customers,” Rentmeesters concludes.

Read more at IFS' blog


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