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New Data Center Cooling System Performance Test Lab

dic 11, 2019

New state-of-the-art test lab designed to validate performance of mission critical cooling systems now open.

Munters Buena Vista, VA, data center cooling system design and manufacturing facility is proud to announce the opening of a new performance test lab. The new state-of-the art lab allows Munters to validate the performance of its mission critical cooling systems. The lab will also accommodate Munters new product development efforts and customer requested performance validation tests.

Due to the critical nature of data centers, many customers desire cooling system performance validation. Cooling systems, now commonly used by colocation facilities and hyperscalers, are too large for testing by most labs in the US. Munters’ new facility can accurately test process airflows (air delivered to the data hall for extraction of heat) up to 80,000 SCFM and heat rejection airflow (condenser or scavenger ambient air used to reject the heat to atmosphere) up to 110,000 SCFM, giving Munters the ability to test systems exceeding 700 kW in heat rejection capacity. For performance testing, process air is heated (simulating the actual data center heat load) and ambient condenser/scavenger air is typically heated and humidified to simulate design day performance.      

Munters’ new test lab was completed in July 2019, and already, the first customer requested performance test validation has been successfully completed. Currently, Munters R&D engineering team is using the lab to test a new thermo-siphon based cooling system called SyCool®.

"We are extremely excited to open this new test lab in Virginia, our Center of Excellence for Data Center Cooling Solutions.  We plan to utilize the lab for customer visits and witness tests, as well as, new technology and solutions development.  The addition of this test lab will further strengthen our position as the leader in innovative, energy efficient cooling solutions for the Data Center market."

-Michael Gantert, President, Data Centers/Business Area AirTech


Munters’ new test lab represents a significant investment and demonstrates the company’s long-term commitment to the data center cooling business and new product innovation.


Pictured below: New SyCool® Split condenser placed into position at Munters new test lab in Buena Vista, VA.


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