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Communicator 2.0

gen 31, 2019

Munters is proud to introduce the Communicator 2, our latest addition to our line of products designed to give you complete access and control over your farms.

Munters’ Communicator 2.0 is the next step up in farm control, providing an extensive alarm package along with remote access to your farms’ controllers via the web. The alarm package provides vital information to you and your staff in real time, regarding any event or problem that may arise on your farm. Along with providing crucial information, Communicator 2.0’s alarm configuration and management software is feature-rich, yet simple to use.

This combination of data, alarms, and control gives you an unprecedented ability to handle any problems or issues that come up, in real time. What this means is that anyone with access to the Web or the Cloud can fully manage his or her farm controllers, by employing one easy-to-install and easy-to-use device. 


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